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Krakow is probably the most visited tourist city in Poland. Since every year many tourists from abroad come here, there is no shortage of all types of accommodation.

We focused on the selection of a few hotels that represent very good value for money. These are the cheapest hotels in Krakow, but of course we do not take into account the hotels that despite low prices do not deserve it at all to stay there.

The cheapest accommodation can often be found in the city's hostels, but you have to remember that because of the influx of foreign visitors hostels are also not very cheap. Besides, if we think of renting a double room, accommodation in a hostel will be just a little bit cheaper or even the same as in a regular hotel room.

Cheap accommodation in Krakow

In addition to cheap hotels, there is also the opportunity to choose from all the hotels in Krakow. Our service compares prices and rates from all the major hotel booking sites, which means that we've got the best price.

Hotel MatejkoHotel Matejko - for people who are looking for a really cheap hotel in the city center it will be a good choice. Price for a double room with breakfast only a little more than 100 zł (30 USD), clean rooms with private bathrooms, proximity to the attractions of Krakow, also the Old Market Square, and the friendly and helpful staff - all this makes it one of the best hotels in its class. Guests particularly favorably referred to the location. Not surprisingly, at this price it is hard to find something better. Reviews

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The Secret Garden Hostel KrakowThe Secret Garden Hostel Krakow - located in the old Kazimierz, a cozy hotel frequented by Polish and foreign tourists, the best value for money. Double rooms for a little more than 100 zł (30 USD), Wi-Fi and a very interesting arrangements make it a great place for travelers. In addition, a TV room and other common areas makes it easy to meet, socialize and exchange experiences. This is an absolute number one in its price category. . Reviews

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Aparthotel Emotions KrakowAparthotel Emotions Krakow - it is a new hotel, which has already earned the recognition of customers. Located in the center of the Kazimierz district, clean and well maintained. It offers comfortable rooms and suites. All rooms have private bathrooms with showers. Guests can enjoy Wi-Fi access. Prices depending on the time of around 50 USD (150 zl) for a double room. Reviews

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