Recommended hotels in Prague

Prague opens its gates for many opportunities for tourists. Hotels in this city are not missing, but to find a hotel with a good location and good price this is not easy.

We have prepared a list of the cheapest hotels in Prague, with which we want to show you places with high standard, good location, but also those for which do not need to spend a fortune.

Cheap accommodation in Prague

Below are the hotels that we have chosen either because of the very low price or because of the very good value for money. We only do not list very cheap hotels, which got too many negative comments from guests. collect rates from the major sites with reservations. It is hard to find better price than we have.

Of course, you are invited to view a list of all hotels in Prague, where there are properties of any kind.

A&O Prague Metro StrizkovA&O Prague Metro Strizkov - probably the best choice and the best price in close proximity to the city center. Price for a double room is a little more than 30 $. It is a two-star hotel, clean, well maintained, with as high standard as its price. Most of the rooms do not have bathrooms (they are shared by two rooms). But beyond that guests appreciate this hotel's location (close to metro), good price and clean rooms. Reviews

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Penzion Sprint PraguePenzion Sprint Prague - accommodation with clean and comfortable rooms, about 20 minutes walk from the Prague Castle. It offers about 50 beds, breakfast buffet and free wireless Internet access. At price of not more than usually 30 $ per person this is an ideal choice for guests looking for accommodation in a quiet environment. Guests praise especially delicious breakfast and low price. Reviews

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Hotel City Club PragueHotel City Club Prague - beautiful, stylish, clean, and at the same time cheap hotel in the center of Prague is a newly opened three star tourist-class hotel. Ideal for short trips to Prague, if you want to be anywhere close to and by the way you want to save money for other things. The hotel offers free wireless internet, clean bathrooms. Guests also appreciate the delicious breakfasts and great location of the hotel. Without a doubt, this is one of the most popular budget hotels in Prague. Reviews

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